This tubing formula is our most visible mascara. Thanks to the high-gloss black finish, it not only visually doubles your natural lashes, it also thickens them for delightful emphasis. 
When you want to transfix with a glance and linger in the minds of everyone you encounter, there’s no better way than playing up a truly bewitching eye look. So go ahead, cast your spell, because this mascara wand? It’s definitely magic - just like you.

*Size: 0.50 oz./ 15ml

• This tubing, doubling effect mascara highlights and emphasizes your lashes for a can’t-miss look that will have all eyes on you.
• Mascara No. 2 l Dramatique is a sleek high gloss black for vamp-y flair.
• Create intensity and impact instantly for the eyes - goes perfectly with bold lip and eyeshadow colors, or as a standalone accent for “naked” looks.